Selma Blair, who has multiple sclerosis, is stepping away from “Dancing With the Stars” to take care of her health.
Weddings are still facing tough restrictions after May 17. This is how couples and suppliers feel.
Robin Olive provides performing arts classes, mostly dance, to physically or intellectually disabled people of all ages. Without the studio to go to during lockdown, she turned her attention to online classes instead, with a free daily dance class. Meaning the usual students, and many new ones globally, didn’t have to miss out on their extremely beneficial and positive pastime.
After Trump's take on the "YMCA" went viral, Kamala Harris showed off some moves of her own.
The drag queens from the UK version of RuPaul's Drag Race walked the pink carpet last night, ahead of the show's broadcast on October 3rd.
She started trending after videos of her celebrating her MTV Video Music Award nominations began circulating.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has joined the US House of Representatives as the youngest ever congresswoman. Despite the 29-year-old's achievement, there is always someone who wants to spoil the party. In comes a troll with a video of AOC dancing back when she was in college... and most people agree it's nothing short of adorable.
When Bradley Gunn Raver first started raving, he didn’t want to disclose that he had Asperger’s. It was only when he became truly immersed in dance and rave culture, that he realized he was being accepted for whoever he was, bringing him a sense of identity and belonging he’d never felt before.
'I spend the entire freestyle section laughing.'