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If you are one of those people who sometimes feels overwhelmed, like me, then maybe it's about tinkering with a few minor things to boost your mood and help you through a natural slump. Here are some of the things that give me a lift whenever I catch myself feeling a bit 'meh'.
Naidoo posted a video of herself dancing as a child on Instagram on Monday and, as she puts it, she really did dance to her own rhythm.
Working in the beauty industry in London in the late nineties and early noughties was a close-knit, glamorous affair. I use
f you also involved the Local Government Association and the sympathetic chief constables that do exist, this could fund more drug workers on the ground, roll out more drug testing, pay for targeted and credible social marketing campaigns and so on. This is not about condoning drug use, it's about trying to reduce harm and save lives and it has to be better to give it a whirl than imagine you can deal with drug incidents simply by shutting the door.
An elderly couple have captured hearts across the internet with their fancy footwork on the dance floor. Footage of the pair
Get up and get dancing with your little ones, with our jazzy mix of tunes.
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