These Adorable 'Dog Photographer Of The Year' Pictures Will Brighten Your Day


Getting a dog to sit still long enough for you to take a decent photo is a challenge, which makes the winning snaps from the β€˜Dog Photographer Of The Year’ competition even more impressive.

Now in its thirteenth year, the international competition ran by charity The Kennel Club received almost 10,000 entries from over 70 different countries around the globe.

The judges chose Monica van der Maden from the Netherlands as the overall winner of the competition with an image of Noa the Great Dane looking wistful in a forest, which placed first in the β€˜Oldies’ category. We think she looks positively majestic.

Check out the winners for each category below:

Oldies (and overall winner)

Monica van der Maden

Assistance Dog

Dean Mortimer

Dogs At Play

Elinor Roizman

Dogs At Work

Tracey Kidd

I Love Dogs Because...

Tamara Kedves

Man’s Best Friend

Joana Matos


Carol Durrant


Klaus Dyba

Rescue Dogs

Sonya Kolb

Young Pup

Mariah Mobley