23/02/2017 14:14 GMT | Updated 23/02/2017 14:14 GMT

This Flame-Throwing Drone Burns Rubbish Off High-Voltage Power Lines

It's bonkers, but brilliant.

No, it’s not an act of infrastructural sabotage.

These flame-throwing drones are actually trying to clear high voltage power-lines of rubbish.

The Chinese power firm behind the drastic measure said it would help ensure the power lines don’t cut out.

Peoples Daily

People’s Daily reported that plastic bags, lantern and kites regularly threaten to cause outages as they get tangled in the wiring.

Fortunately, the lines are steel-reinforced, allowing the drone to burn off the debris, without damaging the wires.

It’s certainly a boon to engineers suffering from vertigo, who would otherwise be forced to climb up poles to free the debris.