'Happy To Move For You' Badges Are Here To Spread A Little Kindness On Public Transport

They're designed to help commuters with invisible illnesses 💗

If you’ve got an invisible illness or terrible period pain, it can feel awkward to ask a fellow passenger for their seat on a train or tube.

But now, commuters can spread a little kindness by wearing a “happy to move for you” badge, removing the onus from those having a tough time.

The badges are being sold online by positivity movement and store The Enthusiast, set up by Ellie Kime to “encourage people to rebel against the obnoxious outdated notion that caring is tragic”.

The Enthusiast

The badges are designed to give those in need of a seat the peace of mind that you’ll move for them – no questions asked.

“I don’t believe the onus should be on those with hidden disabilities or hardships to prove why they need, or deserve to be offered, a seat,” said Kime.

“So I created these badges to help them feel safe in the knowledge that you won’t ask them to.”

The Enthusiast

Kime said people on public transport may have hidden disabilities, be dealing with devastating news, or just fighting a battle you cannot see.

The badges are available to purchase online in pink or blue and cost £3.50, with postage and packaging included. Orders will be shipped the week commencing 20 May.

We look forward to seeing these on our commutes sometime soon.