invisible illness

Conditions like my colitis might make me seem ‘flaky’ or unresponsive – but just know a little compassion goes a long way.
It is easier to understand something if it is visible. This is true for almost everything, but all the more so when it comes
Yesterday Vogue published an essay by Lena Dunham describing her 10-year battle with endometriosis that led to a full hysterectomy
There's no doubt about it, having a chronic illness can be shit. And to write a blog post, 'five ways that chronic illness has made my life shit' would arguably be a lot less of a challenge, in fact stopping at five may be the hardest part.
hope with everything in me that one day this won't be the case, and those with chronic illnesses, including those without mobility aids, will be able to sit in reserved disabled seats, or move their legs in their wheelchair, or God forbid, laugh and enjoy their life, without judgment from others. But for now, we need to do all we can to help the healthy population to understand; just because somebody doesn't appear to be ill, it doesn't mean they're not suffering.
everybody banner My son Danny has given up. He finds it too hard and hates being seen as 'different' because he is not in school full-time, often attending for part of a day. You can imagine how broken-hearted I was to hear my little boy, aged just 11, say to me, "I don't feel my life is worth living. I don't have a place in the world anymore."
everybody banner To be in a position where your body is rejecting an organ is a funny concept to get your head around, but I was so sick, I just wanted it out. To remove this, they had to make a 30cm incision, from just below my chest to below my pelvis. They then had to form an ileostomy, which I lived with for three years. This ileostomy transformed my quality of life and medically, I was the healthiest I had ever been. My confidence however, was on the floor.
everybody banner I have two hopes for EveryBody. One is that we'll spread so much love and empower so many voices through the site, that we'll be able to educate people to fuel a more tolerant society - one that does not discriminate so easily, one which calls out hatred and champions kindness.
People living with disabilities or illnesses have shared the one thing they wish others knew about their conditions. In a