The Top Relationship Searches On Google In 2023 Say It All About The State Of Dating

... Are we all okay?

We have less than two years left in the year and you know what that means? It’s ‘Wrapped’ season. From Spotify Wrapped to Google Trends Time Capsule, we have a wealth of data that the generations before us could only dream of accessing.

And, what do we do with all this access to data and technology, you ask? Well, of course, we use it to find out more about the people we fancy and to find out how to be more attractive.

We might be more technologically advanced but at our core, we still have the same core needs and urges that our ancestors had.

The top relationship searches of 2023

In a year that dating app Tinder has dubbed ‘for the plot’, if Google searches are anything to go by, a lot of us have our exes on our minds. Now, you don’t need us to remind you that an ex is an ex for a reason but maybe reading some of the most popular relationship searches on Google in 2023 will make you feel a little less alone in your pining.

The top relationship searches were:

  • Should I move in with my boyfriend?
  • Should I contact my ex who dumped me?
  • Should I get back together with my ex?
  • Should I forgive a cheater?
  • Should I follow my ex on Instagram?

This perhaps correlates with the frankly chaotic energy revealed in Tinder’s Dating Trends report for 2023. The dating experts found that “dating for ‘the plot’ is buzzing on Tinder globally with a 5.5x increase in users using the term in bios like ‘everything I do is for the plot, let’s make some memories.’”

Additionally, the top two personality types on Tinder were found to be ‘extroverted’ and chaotic’.

We’re so here for it.

Should you ever go back to an ex?

According to an expert speaking to Cosmopolitan, never say never but, “always go back into a past relationship with open eyes - ignoring previous problems in the hope that everything will be wonderful this time around is just asking for trouble.”

“If you’re about to reignite an old flame it’s a good idea to take some time to evaluate what went wrong the first time around. For most cases the phrase ‘flogging a dead horse’ comes to mind - however there’s always an exception to the rule and new research shows that more and more couples are making it work with an ex.”

You could, uh, do it for the plot?