21 Things About Lockdown We'd Quite Like To Keep, Actually

Long live table service and basic hand hygiene.

There’s no denying lockdown has been hard as hell, but as restrictions ease, there are some elements we’re not ready to give up just yet.

Take the move towards more flexible, compassionate workplaces, for example, or, you know, the general acceptance of basic hand hygiene.

It’s easy to look back with rose-tinted glasses, but our pre-pandemic lives were full of stress, commotion and proper rotten habits. So in no particular order, here are 21 things from the past year-and-a-bit we’d quite like to keep.

You may not agree with them all, but we hope one or two resonate with everyone. For the love of god, though, whatever your opinion, please don’t revert to projectile sneezing...

william87 via Getty Images/iStockphoto

1. Table service at the pub

We do not miss bar queues.

2. People *actually* staying home when they’re sick

No more snotty colleagues, thank you very much.

3. Appreciating nature

And vibing with the birds like a goddamn Disney Princess.

4. Not having to meal prep packed lunches

Or deal with soggy sandwiches.

5. People leaving a space behind you in a queue

Instead of breathing down your neck.

6. No cheek-kissing when you meet people

An end to the awkward “ooh, we’re going for two!” exchange.

7. People wiping down their gym equipment

See also: respecting personal space.

8. A quiet, low-stress commute

Without as many passengers on the bus or train.

9. Walks with friends

Because meet-ups can be free.

10. Wearing leggings/shorts to work

Adding your dressing gown when it’s cold.

11. Getting smashed in your living room

Then not having to organise a taxi home.

12. The kindness of neighbours

Coupled with the hilarity of the Nextdoor app.

13. Parents forming an orderly queue at school drop-off

The front gate jostle can do one.

14. Sending surprises in the post

And receiving the loveliest things back.

15. Shopping at local, independent businesses

And getting to know the owners so they call you by name.

16. An end to soft play

Save parents from the rubbery fart smell.

17. Ditching your bra

Hellooooo freedom.

18. Cycling more

And realising you don’t need to use the tube/bus as frequently.

19. Having more time for personal hobbies

Without a packed social calendar.

20. Treasuring the company of friends and family

Yep, we got sentimental real quick.

21. Zoom quizzes

Jokes, they can burn in hell.