10 Things You're Tired Of Hearing When You Wear No Makeup

Can't you just make a little effort?

Alicia Keys has seemingly committed the ultimate female sin - daring to show her own face in public without makeup.

Although the subsequent hate and trolling is completely unfathomable (IT’S HER FACE PEOPLE), you totally get it, because when you go bare-faced you apparently offend everyone too.

1. Don’t You Feel Self Conscious?

2. Why Don’t You Just Make A Little More Effort?

3. You’d Actually Be Really Pretty If You Wore Makeup

4. Are You Trying To Prove A Point?

5. Are You A Feminist?

6. Don’t You Worry What Other People Are Thinking?

7. A Little Mascara Would Only Take Two Seconds

8. You Look A Little Bit Under The Weather

9. You Would Be Taken More Seriously At Work If You Wore Makeup

10. Wow, You Look Really Different With No Makeup.

Enough already.


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