14 Things All Pregnant Women Are Tired Of Hearing

Not today world.

Finding out you’re pregnant should be a time for celebrating, but many expectant mums have to deal with an influx of comments that are at best, irritating, and at worst, insulting.

Just because you’ve got another human on board, doesn’t entitle another person to comment on your size, food choices, or any other decision for that matter.

Here are 14 things all mothers-to-be are really tired of hearing.

1. So was the pregnancy planned?

2. Are women normally this big at that many weeks?

3. Isn’t that early to take maternity leave?

4. Are you sleeping lots now before the baby arrives?

5. Have you learned how to do hypnobirthing?

6. Have you started looking at schools?

7. You know it’s a myth that you should be eating for two?

8. You aren’t going to eat that cheese are you?

9. Are you missing alcohol?

10. Are you worried about going through labour?

11. You’ll be having a natural birth, right?

12. So many women have done this before you and they were fine.

13. How soon will you try and get back in shape?

14. Remember, this will get so much harder when the baby arrives.