10/01/2017 15:00 GMT

14 Things Every Parent Of A Reception Child Goes Through

Trying to remember the name of their best friend.

It feels like only yesterday that your baby was a newborn, but now you are buying their first pair of school shoes - where does the time go? 

Any parent of a reception child will be going through the same 14 things (mainly lots of crying and needing more reassurance from the teacher than your child). 

Pass us the tissues.

1. Knowing that you are way more anxious about this year than your child. 

2. Having to adjust to not having your baby at home with you.

3. Pretending your heart isn’t shattering into a million pieces when you leave them at the gate. 

4. Worrying that all the other children are maths geniuses and you have failed your offspring.

5. Convincing yourself that your child will revert to not being potty trained as soon as they are alone.

6. Spending hours sewing labels on everything they own.

7. But still being defeated by the black hole of lost property.

8. Treating the book bag like the holy grail of information. 

9. Failing to keep up with who is your child’s best friend this week.

10. Willing that nobody asks you to join the PTA because you can’t think of anything worse.

11. Wanting to avoid getting involved in playground politics.

12. That is until you realise your child is telling you nothing.

13. Resisting a meltdown and storming into school when your child is mildly teased.

14. Accepting you no longer know every detail about their life.

They grow up so fast.