Things To Do With Kids: Eight Creative Indoor Games And Activities To Play At Home

Perfect for the school holidays.

During any school holiday, finding things to do with kids that are enjoyable for everyone and don't cost a bomb can be a challenge.

Rather than relying on the sun to be out (because let's be honest, when can we ever do that in England?), we've rounded up some ideas for indoor fun from Pinterest.

Some of the ideas involve a bit of DIY as well as the game itself, so you can get creative with your kids as well as playing.

1. Ball Toss

All you need is five large(ish) containers labelled with different point scores. Arrange the containers in a line or pattern that's as easy or as hard as you wish.

Ping pong balls will work best to throw into the containers, but if you're looking for alternatives, try small bean bags or socks tied up together.

2. Target Golf

To create your target golf game you'll need a large cardboard box - search the house for old shoeboxes or large cereal boxes, then cut out slots big enough for the balls to be hit in.

Remember to label the points on each hole, then add them up at the end.

3. Balloon Ping Pong

Luckily, no damage will be done to the house with this game. You'll need a balloon, paper plates (or cardboard cut out in a circle) and sticks to create handles.

How long can you keep the balloon afloat before it touches the floor?

4. Ring Toss

Cut out the inside of paper plates - or make your own rings from cardboard - to toss onto the toilet roll.

You'll need a few empty toilet rolls stuck to a flat base so they don't fall over. Find out how far your kids can step away from the base and still get the ring on.

5. Balloon Volleyball

Possibly the easiest game to set up - you simply need a balloon and a piece of string that is tied between two chairs to make the "net". In true volleyball style, teach your kids to use two hands to bat the balloon over the string.

6. Target Rolling

This one takes a bit of concentration. Use masking tape (or string) to mark out a circular target flat on the floor. Everyone takes turns to roll a ball into the target, trying to aim for bullseye.

7. The 'I'm Bored' Jar

This is the gift that keeps on giving. You'll need a large jar, tin or container of any sort and lots of coloured paper.

Come up with a list of things your kids could do when they're "bored" at home. Ideas could include going to the park, watching a movie, playing in the garden, writing a letter, calling up friends, etc.

While making the jar is an indoor activity, remember the things you list on the paper can happen anywhere and be as creative as you like.

Cut the list up, fold up each idea and pop it into the jar.

Keep it for all weekends and school holidays - it might become a bit of a lifesaver.

8. Sailor Boat

Are you feeling a bit more creative? Use unwanted cardboard boxes to put together a real-life play boat (or whatever scene they wish).

Bring together other craft materials including paint, tissue paper, pens and wooden sticks to decorate your own boat.

And then let them sail off.

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Boredom Banishing Ideas For Creative Kids