12 Things You Learn When You Become A Cat Mum

RIP clean washing.

After months of contemplation, you’ve finally made the move and got a kitten.

But while you thought you were 100% ready for the commitment, the fact is you severely underestimated what it means to be a cat mum.

Here’s what you’ll find out along the way.

RalchevDesign via Getty Images

1. Your clothes are now a cotton and cat hair blend.

2. Your iPhone is 99% cat pictures, 1% everything else.

3. Your previously smooth hands are permanently scratched to shit.

4. Your own hair is no longer safe...

5. Nor is your washing.

6. Or your cables.

7. Your sleeping patterns are in tatters.

8. Your wages gone on vet bills and toys.

9. Your house smells of poo.

10. Holidays are a thing of the past.

11. As is your social life, which is now dictated by cats.

12. But despite this, seeing their little face at the end of the day is 100% worth it.

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