14 Things You Only Know If You Have A Clingy Child

When will they grow out of it?

Most parents have experienced the guilt that comes with a clingy child at one point or another, but for some families that phase lasts much longer.

So if you’re trying to solve the problem of a clingy child (and feeling at your wit’s end) here are 14 things to remind you that you definitely aren’t alone in your suffering.

1. You know what it is like to have a human permanently attached to your leg.

2. You can never go anywhere without them.

3. In fact you can only just about get away with leaving a room.

4. Forget going out for the evening.

5. You take them to playgroup and it takes 20 minutes before they consider leaving your side.

6. You end up doing all the talking on their behalf.

7. And you can forget showing attention to their siblings.

8. You wish they knew how draining their behaviour is.

9. You’ve tried everything to make it better.

10. You even tried just running away.

11. But no matter where you are they’ll always find you.

12. Then they make you feel terrible for leaving them.

13. You wonder when they’ll grow out if it.

14. But you’re secretly resigned to them being clingy forever.


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