04/08/2016 17:04 BST

This Experiment Using VR Makes You Think You're Walking An Infinite Road

Think they're walking in circles? Think again...

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have been using virtual reality to test out a fascinating (and very cruel) phenomenon called redirected walking (RDW).

While it might look like these poor guinea pigs are just walking around in circles, inside their headsets they’re faced with a much crueler fate - a straight line.

You see the headset is showing an infinite road, a straight line that will never end.

Our brains then interpret what we’re seeing and overrule any other information are brains might be telling us e.g. this wall we’re feeling isn’t entirely flat.

While virtual reality headsets like PlayStation VR rely entirely on sight and sound, other headsets like the Vive do give us limited freedom to walk around.

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