This Happened When A Makeup Artist (Jokingly) Tried To Make Feather Eyebrows A Thing

Hint: it actually became a trend. 😭

It’s not often we’re fazed by a style trend (oh, who are we kidding - just check out these unicorn shoes and bare butt jeans). But when make-up artist Stella Sironen posted this picture about a new brow trend, the internet exploded.

There were a LOT of feelings.

Then Sironen posted that the whole thing had been a joke.

But some people were still trying to make it happen as a trend.

Recreations of the look sprouted all over Instagram.

Recreating feather brows by ❤ look by @melissahealymua 👌🏼#featherbrows

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Listen ladies, just say no. Apparently there are glue sticks involved and that shit just needs to stay in your stationery drawer, okay?


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