This Is How Many Bras You Should Own And Sorry, What?

You should own way more than you think apparently.
Andrew Gardner / EyeEm via Getty Images

As I slowly rotate between the three bras I own, I have often thought, ‘yeah, I should probably put these out of their misery and buy some new ones.’

And it turns out, I’m far from alone.

Lounge Underwear have uncovered that there’s been a whopping 1300% increase in Google searches for ‘how many bras and panties should I have’ as well as a 300% increase in searches for ‘how many bras does the average person own.’

Burning bra questions or what? According to Emily Blount, head of product at Lounge Underwear, when it comes to bras, every woman should have an essential wardrobe that is suitable for different occasions and give them the best fit and support.

And her answer to the above questions might seriously surprise you.

How many bras should I own?

“The number of bras and panties you should own will completely depend on how active you are and the type of occasions you need your bras for. For example, if you spend your time at the gym or only work from home, you might have more loungewear bras than most,” says Blount.

But when it comes to the ACTUAL number you should own? Buckle up.

Blount says that as a general rule, we should each own a range of eight to ten bras that meet the needs of being comfortable and functional.

*Stares in three misshapen pairs that are well past their best.*

To maximise your options, Blount recommends creating a capsule bra wardrobe to suit every occasion, such as three everyday bras, three sports or loungewear bras, two ‘dressy’ plunge bras, and one strapless bra.

She explains: “This will help you appreciate your bras for all their beauty, however, make sure to wash your bras thoroughly and replace them every six to nine months.”

Ahem, excuse us while we go online shopping...