This Is The 1 Presenter Richard Osman Believes Is The Hardest-Working In TV

Richard said the presenter is "working his socks off".

Host of House Of Games, regular star on panel shows and author of the Thursday Murder Club series of books, Richard Osman is an incredibly booked and busy talent in the world of entertainment.

However, who does he think is the most hard-working person on TV?

We’re spoilt for choice with television at the moment, and there are plenty of contenders that could take the title, but on his podcast The Rest Is Entertainment with Marina Hyde, Richard revealed exactly who he thinks has been putting a real graft in.

Answering a question about the “hardest-working person in television”, Richard named Romesh Ranganathan as “top of the pile”.

“He does so much so brilliantly,” the former Pointless star enthused. “I love Romesh, I’ve never seen him do a show badly.”

Romesh Ranganathan at the TV Baftas earlier this month
Romesh Ranganathan at the TV Baftas earlier this month
Karwai Tang via Getty Images

Richard went on to say that Romesh is somebody that “everybody wants to work with”.

He also gave a nod to Romesh’s “huge” work ethic and said: “I could live without working. I like staying at home. I do shows that I love doing and because I do four or five a day and they’re on every day, it feels like [people like me] are working more than they are.

“With someone like Romesh, he’s doing lots of stuff abroad, he’s doing The Weakest Link, doing the [Radio 2] radio show now and does all this Sky stuff... he’s working his socks off.”

However, Richard believes that the “real” hardest working people in telly are actually behind the scenes.

Richard explained that in his own TV show, on the day of filming he may be the hardest working in the room, but, “for the four months before and four months after the show, everyone else is working incredibly long hours to make me and make the show look good”.

He said he believes that associate or assistant producers are likely the hardest working as they work between the researchers and producers, while helping both of them with their roles.


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