This Morning: Two Pooing Pooches Leave Phillip Schofiled And Holly Willoughby With A Clean-Up On Their Hands


What is it with This Morning and animals? If it’s not dogs humping their owners live on air, it’s birds running amok in the studio.

But now Phillip Schofield has had the pleasure of having to clear up behind not one, but two pooing pooches, after a pair of dogs went to the toilet during an interview on Wednesday’s show.

Phil and co-host Holly Willoughby were chatting to an animal shelter worker who had brought along French bulldogs Coco and Chanel after they were found abandoned in a plastic bag.

However, Coco and Chanel didn’t exactly live up to their glamorous names when they decided to poop on the studio rug.


“Ooh, we’ve had a little accident!” Holly said. “It happens sometimes when you get nervous on the telly, don’t you worry.”

Joking that they’d “all done it”, Phillip then grabbed some tissues and knelt down to clear up the mess, but no sooner than he had did the other dog start going.

“Oh, the other one’s having a go!” Holly noticed.


“So what sort of home do you think would suit them best?” Phillip asked the shelter worker. “One with lino, I would have thought.”

As the handler tried to explain the rehoming process, Holly couldn’t suppress her giggles as the dog continued to poo at her feet.


Of course, this pair of pooing pooches are not the only animals to defecate over the This Morning studio.

Who could forget the time a shetland pony opened his bowels right to a horrified Holly and Phil?

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