'This Morning': 45 Most Memorable Moments As The Show Celebrates 30th Birthday

From dunking beef to a pooing pony, and everything in between.

This Morning’ turns the grand old age of 30 this week, and as well as being one of the longest-running TV shows on the box, it is still as popular as it ever was.

Over that time, there has been SO many memorable moments, it’s difficult to know where to start.

Well, there has been a LOT of laughter (who could forget Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton’s giggling fits?), tears (we’re looking at you Holly Willoughby), memorable interviews (including one Kerry Katona will want to forget), plenty of oh-my-god moments (scrotums and OAP sex positions spring to mind) and errrm, a certain lady by the name of Katie Hopkins.

Viewers have also witnessed the sight of Richard Madeley’s cringeworthy Ali G impression, watched Eamonn Holmes put his foot in it countless times, and heard more innuendos than on a ‘Great British Bake Off’ omnibus.

Relive all of those best bits and many more in the gallery below...

'See, you don't mind dunking a bit of beef, do you?'
Will the phrase 'dunking beef' ever NOT be hilarious? Not to these two it won't. A 'This Morning' classic.
*That* Kerry Katona interview
Despite insisting she was "absolutely fine", Kerry sparked concern during an appearance on the show in 2008 when she slurred her words. The interview sparked a long-running feud with hosts Phil and Fern, but Kerry has since admitted the interview took place when she was not well.
Katie Hopkins has a rant about children's names
Rent-a-gob Katie Hopkins was simply known as someone didn't win 'The Apprentice' prior to this segment that saw her bang on about her 'theory' that children's names are linked to class. Holly Willoughby, meanwhile, looked like she was readying herself for a full-on scrap.
Alison Hammond interviews Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling
Alison's 'This Morning' interviews have become the stuff of legend, but she went viral the world over with this hilarious chat with 'Bladerunner' stars Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, after it descended into absolute chaos.
Fern refuses to say 'Uranus'
There is absolutely nothing funny about the word 'Uranus'. Honestly, there really isn't. Well, apart from the fact it sounds like 'your anus', isn't that right Phil and Fern? Which might explain why Fern refuses to even pronounce it correctly in this very giggly clip.
A pony relieves itself in the studio
They say you should never work with children or animals, and Holly and Phil found out the latter was definitely true when a pony took a poo right in the middle of the studio floor in 2017.
Holly and Phil's post-NTAs hangover
What to do if you end up winning a National Television Award but have work the next morning. Well, get sloshed and worry about the consequences later if you're (a very croaky) Holly and Phil. We felt their pain.
Holly and Phil do it again (and then some)
But this moment was topped in 2016, when the pair turned up to work having not been home and still wearing the same clothes as they did to the NTAs. The clip went viral, and has clocked up over 3m YouTube views.
Bondage for beginners segment causes a stir
The show raised rather a few eyebrows when it aired a 'Bondage For Beginners' segment inspired by 'Fifty Shades Of Grey', complete with live actors demonstrating the paraphernalia.
Fern addresses gastric band reports
Fern Britton hit the headlines and was accused of 'cheating' when it was revealed her five-stone weight loss was the result of a secret op to have a gastric band fitted. Cue a live confessional from the presenter in 2008.
Live prostate examination
'This Morning' has never shied away from tackling usually embarrassing health issues, and Paul Ross braved a rectal examination to help raise awareness of prostate cancer.
Holly has a mouthful of beef
Blimey, all Holly said was she had a "mouthful of beef" and it was enough to cause her and co-host Phillip Schofield (and us) to descend into a fit of uncontrolable giggles. Teehee.
Holly begs, 'just stay and do me'
Holly had a rather saucy request when she was impressed by a magician's trick on Phil, begging him to "do her". Cue obvious giggling.
A load of balls
Phillip Schofield was talking bollocks (quite literally) when 'This Morning' helped raise awareness of testicular cancer on the show. Cue some geezer strolling onto the set and demonstrating how to check for the signs on his own, very real scrotum. No wonder guest Lizzie Cundy couldn't stop staring.
Fern wants some spotted dick
As Fern's husband Phil Vickery cooked up some shallow tarts and deep muffins, she proclaimed that she quite fancied a bit of Spotted Dick. "Well, you've got some time off coming up," Phil cheekily replied, before hilarity ensued.
Gino is the naked chef
Never let it be said that chef Gino D'ACampo isn't a man of his word. After saying he would strip off and cook naked if 'This Morning' won a National TV Award (it did) he got his kit off to cook sausages. Ok, that's a fib. It was actually a gammon dish (shame) but well done that man.
Richard Madeley does Ali G
Fact: There is no video evidence on YouTube of Richard Madeley impersonating Ali G on the show in 2000. Coincidence? We think not. Luckily we've unearthed this non-moving image of him instead and it's still toe-curlingly cringy nearly two decades later.
Knife throwing segment goes VERY wrong
Knife throwing + live telly = asking for trouble, as Phillip Schofield and Fern Britton (and the poor woman stood against the board) found out in this hair-raising episode of 'This Morning' from 2003. Mind you, it could have been far, far worse.
'Still to come...'
Holly and Phil are undoubtedly the king and queen of the accidental innuendo, but they managed to top all of their previous efforts following a segment on multiple orgasms.
Phillip ambushes David Cameron with paedophile list
David Cameron was confronted by presenter Phillip Schofield with a list of names of politicians he said may be involved in child abuse. Only problem was, the Schofe accidentally flashed the names to camera, with an on-air apology later having to follow...
Ruth drops the C-bomb
Unfortunately, as Ruth Langsford tried to apologise for the gaffe on the next day's show, she made a rather big slip-up as she said the word 'witch hunt'.
Clover the dog joins the show
To mark Holly's return from maternity leave in September 2015, there was a cute new addition to the 'TM' team in the form of guide dog puppy, Clover. The show has since gone on to train two more guide dog puppies to help the visually impaired.
Lauren Harries makes a bizarre appearance
After a ten minute discussion around the sensitive subject of gender reassignment, transgender star Lauren Harries decided to pop on a pair of specs, stand up and... well, did something that resulted in her being banned from the show.
Alison Hammond meets Harry and Meghan
Alison also got rather over-enthused when she met Prince Harry and Meghan Markle the day after they announced their engagement. Her screaming "MEEGGGSS!" is still ringing in our ears.
The first ever 'This Morning'
The very first episode of 'This Morning' aired way back in 1988, and looked very different to how it does today.
Guest farts live on air
Not content with streaking across the weather map (remember that?), the streaker in question then returned to the show and proceeded to trump on live telly. Nice. Phillip (wisely) chose to ignore the bottom burp and ploughed on through the interview. What a trooper!
Man falls in the water attempting to crash weather map
A streaker famously crashed the show's weather map back in the 90s, and when it was brought back to celebrate the 25th anniversary, someone tried to recreate the stunt. Only they failed. Spectacularly.
Phil can't stop laughing at Miley Cyrus' flaming lips
The fact Miley Cyrus was reported to be working with the Flaming Lips proved to be rather amusing to Phil, who quipped: "Maybe she just needs cream?"
Brenda Blethyn's dog gets over enthusiastic
Brenda Blethyn brought her adorable dog along with her for an interview on the show in 2017, but things went a little off course at the end of the chat when he, ummmm, tried to hump her live on air.
Holly walks out of ghost segment
Who knew that Holly Willoughby was such a scaredy cat? Well, the entire nation did after witnessing her bursting into tears and walking out of a section on the show about ghosts.
Elderly couple demonstrate sex positions
OAPs demonstrating sexual positions on live telly. That is all.
Emotional Holly breaks down
Holly is known for her emotional responses to sensitive issues, and the host failed to keep her composure as she heard the story of a father who was fulfilling his late wife's bucket list with his two young sons.
Phil and Fern's Wet Nelly
The pair just could not control themselves as Phil Vickery cooked up a marmalade pudding called Wet Nelly.
Phillip goes head-to-head with Kim Woodburn
Phil was a brave man to take on the feisty former 'Celebrity Big Brother' housemate given her controversial stint on the show, but their head-to-head proved to be ridiculously entertaining.
Katie Hopkins returns...
It's her again, only this time Katie Hopkins is giving her ten penneth worth on why it's ok to miss your children's birthdays before turning on fellow guest Shona Sibary, who Katie says is akin to 'being shouted at by a lemon' when she disagrees with her POV. How terribly grown up, Katie.
Eamonn Holmes digs himself a hole
Eamonn Holmes caused a bit of upset when he asked female sex addict, Crystal Warren, why she hadn't turned to sex work after she admitted she'd bedded over 1000 men. "If you need this five or six times a day, have you never thought about making a business of it? Charging for it?" Eamonn enquired. "I mean if you are not particularly selective, what I'm saying is, why wouldn't it be a business to you?" he added, before settling down into the large pit he'd just excavated.
Fern's naked embarrassment
The tale of a naked Fern Britton and a sash window is one that has gone down in 'This Morning' history. Three words: Three of spades.
The 'willy wanging' incident
Proving Holly doesn't need the company of Phil to corpse live on air, an unfortunate slip of the tongue while discussing the concept of 'welly wanging' left her and stand-in host Ben Shephard in uncontrollable fits.
Ruth Langsford drops the F-bomb
We always thought Ruth Langsford was too nice to say the 'F' word, but she was caught doing just that off camera during one show, thinking her mic wasn't on. Fast forward to the following day's show and Ruth issuing an apology for F'ing up.
David Cassidy is no fan of Ruth and Eamonn's
Giving Kerry Katona a run for her money for the most awkward 'This Morning' interview ever was the late David Cassidy, who was far from impressed with Ruth and Eamonn's line of questioning.
Holly 'loves it when it's in'
Holly confessed that she has a funny relationship with muscles during a cookery segment, telling viewers they she didn't like the thought of eating one, explaining: "Once it's in, I love it." Oo and indeed err.
Fern bids farewell
Never mind a good luck card and a bottle of fizz, Fern Britton got a garden bench and a song from Michael blinkin' Ball when she left the show in 2009.
Phil makes crass joke about Andrea McLean
Phil left Holly shocked when he made a rude joke about 'Loose Women' host Andrea McLean's make-over. Let's just say it featured the word 'Brazilian'.
Kieron Richardson comes out
'Hollyoaks' star Kieron Richardson came out as gay to the nation on the 'This Morning' sofa in 2010. Good for you lad.
'This Morning' pays tribute to Denise Robertson
Agony Aunt Denise was a mainstay on 'This Morning' until her death in 2016, and the show honoured her with a poignant tribute that had everyone in tears.

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