22/03/2018 14:05 GMT

This Phone Case Is Plant-Based And 100% Compostable

This is an amazing idea!

The modern and environmental conundrum of what to do with your (often plastic) phone case when it reaches the end of its life has been solved. No more stockpiling your old phone cases because now you can compost them when you’re finished with them.

Canadian company Pela have created the world’s first eco-friendly phone case.


Each case is made from plant-based plastics that can be composted either in your back garden compost bin or industrially. It will take somewhere between six months and three years for a phone case to break down in your own compost bin.

Pela also runs its own recycling program. You can send your old case back to them, they use it to make the next generation of eco-friendly phone cases, while you get 20% off your next order.

Even the packaging is plastic-free. Also, due to the design process, no two cases are the same, making each case unique as well as a gift to the environment. 

Pela currently caters to iPhone and Samsung Galaxy users, with cases for other models coming soon.