The foreign secretary has been criticised for taking a £500,000 private government jet to Australia.
This company in Tampa, Florida takes all the unwanted tech of big companies and individuals, recycles what they can, then donates the perfectly usable devices and equipment to kids.
With roughly two thirds of food going to waste, Too Good To Go connects restaurants to people who may want to buy that food at the end of the day, saving it from the black bins out back.
Repair and repurpose – rather than chucking things away. Here are 4 tips on how to fix things in your home.
As we make our way from upgrade to upgrade, the old phones, tablets, televisions, computers, fridges, vacuums and other accessories are frivolously discarded - otherwise known as electronic waste (e-waste). Here’s what that means for now and what we might do about it in the future.
Spending and sending habits are changing, as more people grow conscious of waste and recycling.
I grew up on 'hand-me-downs', now 'hand-me-overs' are cheap, sustainable way of getting new clothes.
The UK is responsible for 2.5 billion of the disposable cups that get sent to landfill every year, not to mention all the single-serve pods from coffee machines. To help reduce that number, here are some of the ways you can enjoy your favourite brew in a sustainable way.
Over 10,000 pumpkins are bought every Halloween in the UK, with 18,000 tonnes of the vegetable being thrown away. From tasty cooking to fun creative projects, here are some ways that you can make the most out of your pumpkin this spooky season.
Each year, 1.3 billion tonnes of food goes to waste, that’s about one third of the food produced globally. By 2030, that figure is expected to increase to 2.1 billion tonnes. And yet, in the UK alone, an estimated 8.4 million people are struggling to afford to eat. That’s equivalent to the entire population of London.