In Shanghai, the world’s most populous city, an army of secret recyclers has been credited with keeping mountains of trash out of the city’s landfills.
The country has been the “world’s wastebasket” for decades. But starting Jan. 1, China has said “no more.”
The newly-declared ‘war on plastics’ is neatly on trend. No modern consumer wants to be a villain, the kind of mindless shopper
Environment secretary Michael Gove accused of hypocrisy.
All of its restaurants will also feature recycling bins.
Iceland says all its own-brand products will be free of plastic by 2023.
It will be the first major retailer in the world to do so.
There are many negative stereotypes associated with ethical and sustainable living. The environmental movement in particular
From lunch to loo roll, alternatives to products using plastic were often hard to find and much more expensive.