This Rechargeable Candle Lighter Means I Never Have To Scramble Around For Matches

The flame-free alternative is sustainable, safe and fuelling my candle habit.

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It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment it happened, but at some point in my life, I became the sort of person who likes candles. It was probably around the same time I asked for a vacuum cleaner for Christmas and began looking forward to trips to the garden centre.

Unfortunately, when my late-20s switch flipped to adult-mode, my ability to use a basic lighter did not. Call me crazy, but I have always struggled to use those pesky things, especially when it comes to lighting a tiny stub of wick in an almost-finished deep-set candle.

It’s a first world problem, but a problem nonetheless.

So – partly in jest, partly in sheer frustration – my boyfriend bought me an electronic, rechargeable lighter from Amazon. And it’s the best present I’ve received since that Hoover.

The Ronxs Candle Lighter is powered by a rechargeable battery and works by emitting a small electrical current. There is no flame involved, yet the lighter can be used to ignite candles, BBQs and even fireworks, with the touch of a button.


The long, flexible extension makes lighting candles of all shapes and sizes a doddle. The result? A flat permanently filled with the comforting smell of pomegranate noir (Jo Malone on special occasions, Aldi the rest of the year, of course).

The battery life is also impressive: the makers claim the lighter provides “over 500 ignitions on a full charge”. The handle has five LED lights that indicate the level of charge, so you get a heads up when it’s running low.

When it does eventually need charging (months after purchase, in my case), you simply plug the lighter into a USB charger, and voilà: you’re back in business. The lighter comes with its own USB cable, and while a full charge requires two-three hours, a short stint will cover any immediate birthday candle needs.

Ronxs/HuffPost UK

The lighter comes with a safety switch that must be flipped to generate any electricity. This automatically switches off after seven seconds, meaning it’s impossible to leave the lighter on. It’s a nice touch, designed to keep kids safe if they grab hold of a lighter left unintended. (See also: preventing the house from burning down during a house party).

Sure, the lighter looks slightly like a small torture device and is not entirely appropriate for smokers to use outside the pub. But for home-use, it saves the inevitable rummaging for matches or trips to the corner shop every time your regular lighter runs low.

I also feel pretty smug every time I use it, knowing I’m not contributing to the world’s plastic problem by buying yet another, cheap disposable lighter. At under a tenner (£9.79), it’s more expensive than a throwaway, but is built to last.

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