This Supermarket Is Rolling Out Reusable Bags For Fruit And Veg

It's also turning coffee grinds into a renewable energy source.

Booths, the upmarket supermarket chain, has introduced reusable cotton netted bags for customers that can be used to carry fruit and veg, plus new “logs” for fires and wood burners made from recycled coffee grinds.

The new bags are trialled at its Carnforth store in Lancaster and the logs – made from waste from its in-store coffee machine – will be introduced this autumn. Both could be rolled out to all 28 stores if they prove popular with customers, the company told HuffPost UK.


Booths is also getting rid of all single use plastic bags from stores and replacing them with 10p ‘bags for life’.

Chris Stoves, from the chain, said: “The reduction of plastics is a priority for all our teams, informing buying and packaging choices at all levels of the business. Reducing plastics in Booths isn’t a one off initiative; it’s a continuous range of changes we’re making to help reduce the reliance on plastic.”

It is the latest supermarket to make changes in store over concerns about the huge volumes of plastic that package our food. Iceland, Morrisons, Asda, and Tesco have all stripped plastic from a number of food items in recent months and fast food giant McDonald’s has announced it will ditch plastic straws.