These TikTok Hacks Will Change The Way You Cook Your Eggs

Steaming your eggs is where it's at.
Egg basket close up
Kinga Krzeminska via Getty Images
Egg basket close up

Vegans aside, almost everyone loves eggs, especially since there are so many different ways you can eat them.

Boiled eggs are usually the go-to, though it’s tricky trying to peel the shell off after they’re cooked. But it seems like there’s an easier way to prepare them.

Over on TikTok, Kathleen Ashmore, also known as @Katcancookm, has been teaching her followers how to steam eggs, rather than submerging them in water.

Ashmore says she hasn’t had to hard boil eggs in 10 years. Instead, she places her eggs in a steamer basket above water, which is inside a covered cooking pot on a hob. (Think of it like melting chocolate over hot water when baking.)

She then leaves the eggs over the warmth for 12-14 minutes, which she says makes the shell slide straight off. But you can experiment with timings if you want runny eggs over hard-boiled ones.


Chef tip! I haven’t hard boiled an egg in 10 years.

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Not a fan of boiled or runny eggs? User @mealsandmunchies has the perfect hack if you’re a fan of omelettes. Let’s admit it, flipping an omelette isn’t the easiest thing to do, but this Tik Tok might help.

Instead of flipping the omelette in the pan, flip it on to a pan lid and then flip it back onto the pan for a perfect omelette. It also works for over easy fried eggs.

This one might be a bit hit and miss, but it’s still one to try. Apparently if you drop an egg directly into a pan it will crack perfectly. As demonstrated by user @staceygrant.