19 Buys You'll Need For Your First BBQ Of The Year

Consider your bank holiday weekend sorted.
Take your barbecuing up a notch with these best buys
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Take your barbecuing up a notch with these best buys

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With the weather set to heat up across much of the UK this bank holiday weekend, there’s no arguing with the fact that barbecue season is back.

Which means the return of chargrilled chicken, sizzling steaks, and beautifully bright and vibrant veggie kebabs, not to mention a pitcher or two of Pimms (and perhaps the odd burnt sausage).

Cooking over a pit of fire takes skill to perfect, and all the right tools. So, what do you need to ensure that your first barbecue of the year goes off without a hitch? And how can you elevate your BBQ game to new heights? Read on.

This Weber barbecue
First thing's first: you need a BBQ. If your old barbie has given in to the elements, it could be time to upgrade to a Weber (known as the go-to brand for quality, affordable BBQs). This compact design comes with a porcelain-enamelled bowl and lid and is a bestseller thanks to its high reviews. And better yet, it's now 10% off.
This wireless meat thermometer
One issue with BBQs is being unsure when the meat is properly cooked, which is why this smart meat thermometer, that connects up to your phone, can be a total godsend. It's easy to use and provides a super accurate temperature, so that you know the meat you're eating is cooked.
This pizza stone
Barbecuing isn't just about the meat, you can also use your beloved grill to make the most heavenly of pizzas, all you need is a quality pizza stone that's barbecue compatible.
This incredible BBQ sauce
Whether you're dipping, marinading or coating, a good barbecue sauce is a must. This mop sauce is absolutely delicious for meat and veggies.
This portable gas BBQ
For easier grill cooking, a gas BBQ is a great buy. This design from Webber, which comes complete with porcelain-enamelled cast-iron cooking grates, with a cast aluminium lid and body, is a great option as it's small enough to easily transport and can be used anywhere.
This salad bowl set
This salad bowl set, which comes complete with two serving spoons and a bamboo lid (which also doubles as a chopping board) is ideal for serving all of your favourite BBQ accompaniments, from basic salad to homemade coleslaw.
This wonderfully large jug
It's not a proper BBQ without a jug of Pimms or Sangria, is it? This 2.4 litre jug (complete with a lid) is a great buy for making (and serving) your go-to summer drink.
Some mood-setting festoon lighting
Planning to stay out after the sun sets? Create a gorgeous atmosphere with some festoon lighting.
This BBQ rub set
For hassle-free BBQ cooking, this 'Smokehouse' rub set is sure to be a winner, adding a subtle smokiness to any dish.
This BBQ recipe book
Feel like you never quite seem to get your grilling technique just right? This guide to 'foolproof' barbecuing will be a total lifesaver.
This BBQ flavouring set
Featuring six flavour pots, this rub set is a great buy for anyone who fancies upping the ante on their grilling skills, and includes Argentinian steak, smoky BBQ, Portugese peri peri, sizzling tikka, gourmet burger and shish kebab flavourings. (Good news, the rubs are all vegan.)
This portable grill
Not got a garden but love a good BBQ? This foldable grill, crafted from cold-rolled iron and premium chrome wire mesh, is both heat and scratch resistant, and super simple to use and set up, making it ideal for barbecuing just about anywhere.
This grill cleaning kit
If you've got a stainless steel BBQ grill, this cleaning kit is sure to come in handy ahead of your first BBQ of the season.
This BBQ starter
Getting your charcoal grill going quickly can be challenging, which is where this quick and reliable charcoal lighting starter chimney comes in seriously handy. (FYI, it'll make lighting your BBQ a total breeze.)
These wide skewers (perfect for kebabs)
Fancy whipping up a batch of kebabs at your next grilling session? Then these large, stainless steel skewers are sure to come in handy.
A classy throw (or five)
Ensure guests are warm enough into the evening by placing plenty of throws within grabbing distance. This beautiful reversible design is available in multiple colours.
These heat-proof gloves
Burns are common when barbecuing. To keep your hands safe from scalds, these heat resistant oven mitts are a great buy.
This grilling accessories set
If you're going to ensure that your next BBQ goes off without a hitch, you're going to need all the right tools to make cooking a breeze. For all of your BBQ needs, this stainless steel set has got you covered.
And if it rains after all...
You'll need a giant umbrella for the chef to stand under while everyone else hides inside. Because let's face it, you can never trust British weather.