This Video Of Barack Obama Is The Perfect Example Of Fake News

This is deeply creepy 😳

A video supposedly showing Barack Obama call the current President Donald Trump a “total and complete dipsh*t” has appeared on Youtube.

Except of course he hasn’t. The video is completely fake.

It is in fact a collaboration between Buzzfeed and “Get Out” director Jordan Peele to show us just how far AI-powered video editing has come and the potential dangers it can pose in the rise of fake news.

In the past we’ve seen video footage which shows how you can use AI to alter a person’s face to make it seem as though they’re saying something completely different.

According to The Verge, the video was put together by Peele’s own company company Monkeypaw productions.

Using a combination of AI tools like FakeApp and and professional video editing the team were able to turn Obama’s face into a moveable model which they could then adjust along with his own voice to make it look and sound as though he’s saying something completely different.

In this example from last year, the University of Washington was able to take a speech made by Obama and then apply it to a computer-generated video of him in a completely different location.


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