Woman Recreates The Duchess Of Cambridge's Outfits And We've Got Déjà Vu

Living like a princess for the day 👑

They say copy is the sincerest form of flattery, but this woman has just achieved a whole other level of copy-cat.

Kate Urbanksa, loves the Duchess of Cambridge’s style so much she dedicates time every day to replicating her outfits.

From her savvy searching skills, the beautician manages to recreate her favourite looks without breaking the bank.

“I love her style — her look is modest, timeless, and so different compared to other celebrities nowadays,” Urbanksa told The Daily Mail.

“It doesn’t matter whether I’m on the bus or waiting in line for something, whenever I have a spare moment, I’m always checking the different sites,” she said.

According to The Daily Mail, Urbanksa found a tailor to reconstruct The Duchess’s £3191 Naeem Khan dress for £30.

“Rather than going for high-street replicas, I like to buy the exact high-end outfit the princess wore so I’m always looking for bargains. I check Ebay and online auctions daily so I can get the exact pieces she has worn without the hefty price tag.”

Here are a few of our favourite looks from her Instagram:

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