Thousands Are Sharing This *Very* Millennial, And Totally Fake, Dissertation Title

It turns out the real title is much less intriguing.

In the ever enlightened world of academia, students are encouraged to think outside of the box and pursue original research.

So when an image of a somewhat surprising dissertation title page from Nottingham Trent University was shared online, it promptly went viral for very obvious reasons.

Featuring everyday Millennial slang "top lads", "squad chat", and "lit", the title drew condemnation from older generations on Twitter.

But the author Dimitrios Baltzopoulos quickly shared the "actual" title of his dissertation, the rather less intriguing "Human Induced Excitation of Footbridges".

Yeah, us neither.

But then maybe this is also a hoax.

Nonetheless, the mock title recalls some of the more bizarre research papers published by scholars and students.

Ambitious projects such as...

'Do Chickens Prefer Beautiful Humans?'

A 2002 paper found: "...animals showed preferences for faces consistent with human sexual preferences (obtained from university students)."

'Safe and Painless Manipulation of Penile Zipper Entrapment'

A paper written in 2006 detailed how best to "save" your penis when it gets caught in a zip.

'The Possibility of Unicorns: Kripke v Dummett'

King's College London student Rachael Patterson wrote: "There is a chance that we are mistaken: there may be unicorns." She received a 2:1.


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