Tim Farron Raps John Barnes Tribute On EU Referendum Campaign

Just. Stop.

There's a referendum happening tomorrow and it would appear the country is collectively losing its mind.

Already today we've had BoJo kissing a fish, Bobby George saying #DontFuckMyFuture and Ukip MEP Steven Woolfe reading a self-penned poem but this, ladies and gents, is peak referendum.

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has filmed a rap tribute to footballer John Barnes to thank him for writing a heartfelt case for remain earlier in the day.

Here it is. Ready? You're not but go ahead anyway...

'Jacka' sums it up quite nicely.

Farron does have musical form - the Cumbria MP told the Huffington Post UK last year that he once fronted a group “written off as a fourth rate New Order”.

He refused to reveal the name of the three-piece as “you can find it on YouTube”.

But a day after the feature ran, the Huffington Post was sent a picture of Mr Farron in what could be described as New Romantic finery.


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