Toddler Has Tantrum On Live TV During Car Seat Demonstration And Everyone Cracks Up

This is relatable to any parent of toddlers.

Toddlers don’t do what their parents tell them at the best of times, especially not on live TV.

That’s something Torrie Williams from Philadelphia knows too well after her 23-month-old son Noah was part of a live car seat demonstration.

The pair were with an expert from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and co-host Mike Jerrick for Fox 29 News.

The expert began explaining the new car seat law in America, where children two and under must be in a rear-facing seat.

But young Noah was not willing to co-operate.

First, he tried desperately to get out of his mum’s arms.


Then he took the co-host’s mic.


He refused to get in the car seat.


And once he was in he wouldn’t sit still.


Then he decided he wanted to drive the car himself.


Thankfully, the co-host, expert and even Noah’s mum found the whole scenario hilarious.

Despite a few interventions (”We wouldn’t recommend a toddler sit in the front seat of a car, no”), the clip just proved what every parent knew already: parenting toddlers is hard.

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