This Three-Year-Old Just Played An Amazing Prank, And Now None Of Us Feel Safe

Parents beware.

We all love a good practical joke. That is, until the practical joke is being played on us.

One three-year-old has won the award for best prank of 2017, after convincing her parent that she had hurt her foot.

The sneaky (but exceptionally smart) toddler had carefully peeled the skin off a red grape and placed it over her big toe, which looks from a distance an awfully lot like a massive bleeding hole.

Then she told her parent she had hurt her toe.

Excellent work child.

The parent took a photograph of the cunning prank and shared it on Reddit with the caption: “That’s a piece of grape. She pranked the shit out of me.”

Other parents were quick to admire the prank, and share their own examples.

Adventuregalley said: “My daughter this weekend: ‘Daddy your arms are dry, you need some lotion’. She proceeds to squirt lotion on my hands. As I rub into arms something is not right. Turns out my little turd nugget had replaced the lotion in the bottle with glue. I was seriously impressed with the prank.”

Keep it up kids.