12/10/2017 09:09 BST

This Toddler's Rude Mispronunciation Of The Name 'Casper' Is Innocence At Its Best

'Me: *falls over dead*' 👻👻👻

A toddler who struggled to pronounce the name ‘Casper’, inadvertently turned the friendly ghost into something a lot less pleasant.

Mum blogger Mary Backstrom, from the US, posted a photo of her son - who she refers to as Nugget - with a blanket over his head, pretending to be a ghost.

Writing on Facebook, the mum shared their conversation: “Nugget: ‘OoooOoooo! I’m Ass Burn!’ Me: ‘Wait, what?’”

The mum continued: “Nugget: ‘I am Ass Burn!’

“Me, trying not to pee my pants: ‘Benjamin, I don’t know who that is. Can you tell me more about, um... Assburn?’

“Nugget: ‘Yah, mummy! Like ‘ASSSburn the friendly ghost! The friendly ghost’.

“Me: *falls over dead*”.

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