15/08/2017 11:17 BST

Tom Cruise ‘Out of Action For Months’ After Breaking Two Bones In Failed ‘Mission: Impossible’ Stunt

'The injury is worse than was at first feared.'

Filming on the sixth ‘Mission: Impossible’ instalment could be halted for up to four months after leading man Tom Cruise recovers from injuries sustained during a failed stunt.

The 55-year-old actor has reportedly broken two bones in his ankle after slamming into the side of a building on set in London last weekend.

Footage (above) shows the star, who is strapped into a safety harness, leaping from the edge of one building before slamming into another.

Tom in action.

A source told The Sun: “The injury is worse than was at first feared. Tom did serious damage and will need months to recover.”

According to reports, Tom has now flown home to the States for treatment and to rest up before filming resumes later this year.

Despite his injuries, the star hasn’t been put off performing his own stunts.

PA Archive/PA Images

A source told HollywoodLife.com: “Tom is a little beat up, but he is showing a brave face and not showing lingering effects from his stunt mishap.

“And this in no way is going to stop him from doing more stunts of his own in the future. He prides himself that he still can do it and refuses to quit doing his own stunts. It was just a bad day at work and he looks forward to moving forward — incident-free — from this point on.”

The A-list star is well known for his love of performing risky stunts. These have included filming in zero-gravity for an aeroplane crash scene in ‘The Mummy’ and clinging onto the side of a plane as it takes off in ‘Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation’.

The sixth ‘Mission: Impossible’ movie comes to UK cinema screens on  27 July 2018.

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