'Top Gun 2': Tom Cruise Teases Sequel Will Have 'Jets... And Volleyball'

Game on.

Tom Cruise recently confirmed that the long-awaited sequel to ‘Top Gun’ is finally on its way, and now he’s teased his fans with some insights into just what we’ll get to see in the new film.

“There’s gonna be jets... maybe volleyball,” he’s revealed, which will cheer those who remember these elements in the original film so fondly.

The aerial sequences in the original 1986 film were credited with inspiring a surge in applications to the US Navy (the pilots in the film were in the aviation section of the Navy), while the beach volleyball scene between Tom Cruise, Anthony Edwards and rivals Val Kilmer and Rick Rossovitch remains one of the most memorable sports scenes of any film, ever (and subliminally homoerotic, to boot).

Time to get spinning again
Time to get spinning again

The film has been long-awaited with Tom Cruise refusing to commit to a sequel until the team had the right story. It seems that day has come, with director Joseph Kosinski also on board, following his successful collaboration with Tom on ‘Oblivion’.

Volleyball-spinning sensation Val Kilmer has already expressed his readiness to take part once again. He didn’t even have to say anything, what with this outfit... However, it seems a new love interest may have to be recruited. The original film’s star Kelly McGillis previously told HuffPostUK that she didn’t expect to appear in any sequel, despite her stunning performance in the 1986, including her timeless put-down of Maverick’s flying antics - “It’s a little bit aggressive.”

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