'Top Gun 2' Confirmed, And Val Kilmer Tells Tom Cruise He's Ready With Iceman T-Shirt

It's on.

’Top Gun 2’ is on its way. It’s official, and there’s no one happier than Maverick’s original Nemesis.

Tom Cruise, who played the hero of the 1986 film, has finally confirmed that there will be a sequel to the mega-hit, and his co-star Val Kilmer has shared this picture with his Twitter followers, and keen-eyed fans will notice that his T-shirt is of a certain Iceman... aka Maverick’s rival turned ally in the final reel.

Val’s fans will be delighted with this turn of events, and how well he looks in the picture following his struggles with ill health in recent years. He recently revealed he’d had “a healing of cancer, although my tongue is still swollen”.

There has been talk of a sequel for years, with Tom Cruise saying it would need to have an excellent script before proceeding.

Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise were rivals in the original film
Val Kilmer and Tom Cruise were rivals in the original film

It seems that day has come, with Variety magazine revealing that the frontrunner to helm the sequel is Joseph Kosinski, who directed Tom in the sci-fi hit ‘Oblivion’.

The original film made a stunning $356million at the worldwide box office (from an original production budget of $15m), jet-propelled Tom Cruise to the top of the A-list and was credited for a massive boost in US Navy recruitment levels.

The film’s director Tony Scott, brother of Ridley, died in 2012.

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