Tom Hardy Has Just Added Gold Medal-Winning Jiu-Jitsu Champion To His CV And... Swooon

Is there no end to his talents?

Not content with being a handsome movie star, brilliant bedtime story reader and cute dog owner, Tom Hardy has just gone and won not one, but two gold medals in a Brazilian jiu-jitsu tournament.

The Venom star took to the mat at the Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship at Aldersley Leisure Village in Wolverhampton on Saturday, a charity event organised by REORG, which the British actor is a trustee of.

REORG teaches those with life-altering injuries or those who are suffering from PTSD and depression the Brazilian version of the martial art.

TikTok user Jiu-Jitsu Geoff was at the event and shared a series of videos of the 44-year-old actor in action.

“Tom Hardy dominating REORG Open taking double gold. Won every match by submission, the man is a killer,” he captioned the clips.

“Tom Hardy out here ripping people’s arms and legs off,” he jokingly added.

Tom also made one young fan’s day when he took time out to meet him (and his mum).

Carla Frost took her six-year-old son to the venue with the hope of meeting their hero.

Speaking to the Express and Star, she said: “I received a message that he was in our town competing in a Jiu-jitsu tournament, drove down, walked in, asked for him and was told he had just left.

“My son then burst into tears. The lovely lady from REORG decided to just check. The next thing I know this lovely man is walking across the sports hall to us.

“He instinctively scooped my son into a hug and proceeded to just make his year.

“He’s so kind and thoughtful. So surreal! My son has grown up hearing me talk about how talented and brilliant this man is.

“He loves Venom so this is something I know he will always remember.”

Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

As well as winning gold medals, Tom has been busy preparing for the third Venom movie, a year after the second film in the franchise raked in $500million at the box office, despite being panned by critics.

They might want to choose their words carefully next time after seeing Tom in action on the mat.


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