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“Proper Pina Coladas on me, fellas!”
What Works For Me: The 24-year-old on how karate and wushu keep her mind and body strong.
CM Punk, the two-time WWE champion now competing in the UFC, called President Donald Trump a racist and compared him to former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke.
I hadn't taken my shoes off and walked barefoot since last summer. But, a couple of weeks ago the sun was shining, the first signs of spring had emerged and I decided to indulge in being barefoot, my favourite method for bringing mind and body present, so that it is possible to hear the deeper stirrings of the soul.
There were times when it was difficult to watch and not interfere. Once, she was late because of us, her parents, faffing around. No excuses, she had to run a barrage of 20 students punching her. Till this day, I have not heard my daughter using excuses or blaming others once when things go wrong
When it comes to martial arts, 76-year-old Meenakshi knows her stuff. The stick-wielding woman from Vatakara, India, has
A three-year-old taekwondo student has become a viral sensation after footage of her reciting the student creed was uploaded
Don't mess with this guy on the playground! He can almost exactly replicate martial arts star Bruce Lee's incredible moves
Ashley had seen nothing like it before - this was the moment that changed his life forever. After running home crying and researching on the computer what this 'flip' was all about he discovered it was a judo move...