Fans Can’t Work Out What’s Going On With Tom Hardy’s Accent In This New Trailer

The Inception actor isn't the only star who debuts an unexpected voice in the trailer for new movie The Bikeriders.
Tom Hardy in The Bikeriders
Tom Hardy in The Bikeriders
20th Century Fox

The trailer for Tom Hardy’s latest film has both impressed and confused fans – or to be more exact, his odd accent has.

The Batman actor leads a star-studded cast in The Bikeriders, which follows fictional 1965 biker gang The Vandals as they get involved in violent criminal activity.

Tom plays the gang’s founder Johnny and while we know the group are based on Chicago, the actor’s bizarre accent has left fans pondering where his character is supposed to be from.

Give it a listen for yourself below:

See what we mean?

Posting on X, formerly known as Twitter, film fans have celebrated Tom’s efforts while pondering who his inspirations might have been:

And it’s not just the Inception star who debuts an unexpected voice in the trailer.

Killing Eve’s Jodie Comer speaks with a divisive and unusual accent while on the other hand, it seems Austin Butler managed to shake off his Elvis voice in time for filming.

Austin and Jodie play gang member Benny and his wife Kathy, the latter of whom struggles to grapple with her husband’s involvement in The Vandals’ activities.

This is far from the first time that Tom has attracted attention with an unusual accent.

He deployed two in Legend as he played both of the Kray twins, turned up the dial on cockney in Peaky Blinders and inexplicably shifted from Australian to South African in Mad Max: Fury Road.

Austin Butler and Jodie Comer in The Bikeriders
Austin Butler and Jodie Comer in The Bikeriders
20th Century Fox

And, of course, he’s not the first actor to receive attention for an accent (or a lack of one).

Sir Kenneth Branagh is a big fan of mixing things up, and uses a thick Belgian accent – deemed “outrageous” by one critic – to play Hercule Poirot.

Meanwhile, the trailer for Ridley Scott’s Napoleon raised eyebrows as it revealed lead star Joaquin Phoenix speaks in his normal American voice while all of his co-stars have English ones.

The Bikeriders will be in cinemas in the US on 1 December. A UK release date is yet to be confirmed.


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