18/05/2016 15:27 BST

Tom Hiddleston May Be James Bond Favourite, But 'I Saw The Light' Flops At Box Office

The 'Night Manager' is current favourite to be the next 007.

Tom Hiddleston has had a cracking year so far, with BBC spy drama ‘The Night Manager’ becoming a massive hit and bringing him even more fans than he had before, thanks to his big screen incarnation of flawed superhero Loki in the ‘Thor’ films. 

Not only that, but he’s become the fans’ favourite to be the next James Bond, once Daniel Craig confirms he’s hanging up the licence to kill. 

So, all in all, it’s not looking too shabby for the debonaire Old Etonian. However, it seems he’s not bullet-proof when it comes to box office, with the takings for his recent biopic ‘I Saw The Light’ less than stellar. 

Not everything Tom touches turns to gold, it seems, with 'I Saw The Light' failing to draw the crowds on its opening weekend

Tom acted his socks off, even singing the songs, to play country music star Hank Williams, but it seems that wasn’t enough to get enough bums on cinema seats. 

The film took a measly £17,059 on its opening weekend, despite a massive publicity push including yet another appearance of Tom’s bashful grin on Graham Norton’s sofa. 

Topping the UK box office instead? 'Captain America: Civil War’, which took another £4.8million to add to its bounty. Looks like Tom might want to go back to superheroes for now. 

Tom has been seriously touted as the new Bond, especially since he was spotted deep in chat with 007 bosses, producer Barbara Broccoli and director Sam Mendes. No word yet either way, which means I get to champion these alternatives for a while yet...

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