Tommy Robinson's 'Sadiq Khan's Wife' Tweet Sees Pegida Leader Well And Truly Caught Out

He deleted the post swiftly - but a little too late.

Tommy Robinson has been accused of "blind hatred" after wrongly identifying Sadiq Khan's wife in an image purporting to show London's new mayor "before & after" the election.

In a tweet seemingly aimed at drawing attention to Khan's Muslim faith, Robinson misidentified a woman wearing a headscarf sitting behind the mayor as Saadiya Ahmed, the Labour MP's lawyer wife.

The post from the former EDL leader, which garnered over 300 retweets before it was deleted, read:

<strong>Not the same person: Tommy Robinson's now deleted tweet</strong>
Not the same person: Tommy Robinson's now deleted tweet

While the image on the left was indeed Khan's wife, the woman pictured on the right was actually Sarah Joseph, a Khan campaigner who joined him at Southwark Cathedral as the 45-year-old candidate was sworn into office.

Joseph accused Robinson of thinking all "brown" women "look the same".

Tackling a news story which quoted Robinson, Joseph ridiculed suggestions she was "Sadiq Khan's wife who has been forced back into her hijab", having to clarify that she was not in fact Saadiya Ahmed.

She also posted a larger photo of the scene at Southwark Cathedral, where she can be seen sitting behind Khan - along with a group of religious leaders.

Joseph even posted a photo of her with her actual husband.

She ended the storming criticism with a sharp jibe at Robinson, saying his "blind hatred" proved "malice knows no bounds".

Robinson has previously been vocal in his criticism of Khan, saying the fact a Muslim has been elected to lead the capital city's diverse capital was "another nail in the coffin of our once glorious land".

Khan was pictured nearLondon City Hall on election day last week with Saadiya, family and aides.

<strong>Sadiq Khan arrives with his wife Saadiya, family and aides on Thursday</strong>
Sadiq Khan arrives with his wife Saadiya, family and aides on Thursday
Mary Turner via Getty Images

Khan said early Saturday morning at he was "deeply humbled by the hope and trust" voters placed in him, adding: "I want to thank every single Londoner for making the impossible possible."

He added: "I’m so proud that Londoners have today chosen hope over fear and unity over division," in a jab at the overwhelming negative campaign run by Tory candidate Zac Goldsmith.

It was a tactic that would seriously backfire, not just in the results of the election but also in the reaction of Conservatives:

And even Goldsmith's own sister:

Jack Taylor via Getty Images
Khan was snapped as he left his home in Tooting, the constituency he represents but will step down from, early on Monday morning.
Jack Taylor via Getty Images
The new London mayor appeared relaxed as he casually waited for a bus at his local bus stop.
Jack Taylor via Getty Images
Showing his credentials as a true born-and-bred Londoner, Khan had his Oyster card at the ready before being confronted with the reader.
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
Once on the Tube however, his travelling skills dipped into the novice arena, pictured here briefly waiting outside the barriers.
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
But he soon recovered, tucking his Oyster card in to his pocket and moving on.
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
The new mayor arrived at City Hall in style, waving to campaigners who were there to welcome him.
Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
He posed for a picture with his new office in the background.
Jonathan Brady/PA Wire
His entourage seemed to be enjoying the event.
Jonathan Brady/PA Wire
But not as much as his supporters, who hugged Khan and gave him their messages of support.
Hannah Mckay / Reuters
One posed for a selfie with him, while others offered him a croissant.
Khan then entered his office and set out on an historic four-year tenure as London's first Muslim mayor.

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