13/10/2017 16:56 BST

Revealed: The UK's Top 10 Dog Names


The top ten dog names have been revealed and there isn’t a Fido in sight.

Gone are the days of Fluffy and Spot, it seems owners are more likely to call their pets with human names. 

The top ten names are: Bella, Lola, Poppy, Ruby, Luna, Alfie, Daisy, Teddy, Buddy and Max.

But if you don’t want to risk shouting the same name in the park as 20 other owners and confusing your pup, maybe steer clear of these.


The preferred pooch names differ across the UK. For example, you are more likely to meet a Coco or Milo in London, Oscar and Charlie in the North East and see Hugo or Bailey if in Scotland.

The research was carried out by Censuswide for the Kennel Club, who surveyed a total of 2,018 dog owners.