Most Popular Baby Names 2016: Top 100 UK Boys' And Girls' Names Released By BabyCentre

Find out the biggest risers in the charts and the new entries.

A parenting site has released its official top 100 baby names of 2016, from a survey of more than 70,000 parents.

Olivia has retained her top spot for girls’ names, but Oliver has overtaken Muhammad to be the top boys’ name throughout the year.

BabyCentre’s baby name survey includes the names chosen by 76,993 (41,158 boys and 35,775 girls) members who gave birth in 2016.

The site has found space themes, superheroes and celebrities have influenced new entries to the baby names list this year.

“Luna is one of the highest new entries and with 2016 being all about Major Tim Peake’s epic space adventure, Star Wars and super moons, it’s no wonder names like this have seen a rise,” said Sarah Redshaw, managing editor of BabyCentre.

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Nova, Orion and Luna have all increased in popularity and even the name Jupiter has been spotted. Star Wars names Leia, Kylo, and Finn have all had a boost. And Ezra, from spin-off animation Star Wars Rebels, has risen in popularity.

In terms of celebrity influence, Rolling Stones’ legend Ronnie Woods calling his twin girls Gracie and Alice caused many other parents to follow suit, with both names rapidly gaining popularity in 2016.

Jamie Oliver’s name choice for his new baby boy, River, saw a last minute surge in popularity, with more babies called River than ever before.

Coleen and Wayne Rooney’s baby name choices are also proving popular, with Kai a new entry to the top 100, and twice as many babies called Kit and Klay compared to last year.

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Biggest risers in the baby name charts include Jenson, up 31 spots to number 62, Stanley, up 21 spots to number 77 and Darcie, which rose 26 places to sit at number 34.

The highest new entries to the top 100 include Arlo, Ezra, Kai, Jesse and Albie for boys and Mya, Luna, Lexi, Heidi and Lyla for girls.

Here are the top 10 girls’ and boys’ names, including how their ranking compares to the 2015 results.

The top 10 girls names

1. Olivia (non-mover)

2. Lily (+1 place)

3. Sophia (-1 place)

4. Emily (non-mover)

5. Amelia (non-mover)

6. Ava (new entry, +5 places)

7. Isla (new entry, +5 places)

8. Isabella (+2 places)

9. Isabelle (-2 places)

10. Sophie (-2 places)

The top 10 boys names

1. Oliver (+1 place)

2. Muhammed (-1 place)

3. Noah (+1 place)

4. Harry (+2 places)

5. Jack (-2 places)

6. Charlie (+1 place)

7. Jacob (-2 places)

8. George (+4 places)

9. Ethan (-1 places)

10. Henry (+8 places).

You can view the full charts of the top 100 boys’ names and top 100 girls’ names on BabyCentre.

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