14/03/2017 11:30 GMT

'Top Gear' To Get A Helping Hand From 'Strictly Come Dancing' Studio Director

'The studio links aren’t as smooth as they could be... she's been brought in to improve this.'

BBC bosses have an unusual tactic to try and save ‘Top Gear’, and are reportedly planning to sprinkle a little bit of ‘Strictly’ magic on the show.

Yes, the big cheeses at the BBC are thought to have brought in ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ studio director Nikki Parsons, with the hopes that she can iron out the presenting links with new line-up, Matt LeBlanc, Rory Reid and Chris Harris.

An insider told The Sun: One main criticism of the new show is that the studio links aren’t as smooth as they could be.

“Nikki has worked on live TV with ‘Strictly’ for years, so she has been brought in to try to improve this.”

The current 'Top Gear' trio

If anyone can turn things around for ‘Top Gear’, it’ll be Nikki, who has a Bafta under her belt for work on ‘Strictly’, which has continued to go from strength to strength in the past few years.

‘Top Gear’, meanwhile, was ripped apart by viewers and critics when it returned with Chris Evans at the wheel in 2016, and while critical reception has been somewhat more positive this time around, viewing figures are still distinctly lower than when Jeremy Clarkson and co. were at the helm of the show.

Prior to the new series’ debut, Matt admitted he was ready to face any criticism, particularly after the mauling of last year’s series.

Speaking to The Sun, the former ‘Friends’ actor said: “I’m certainly prepared for a lot of that to land in my frigging lap now! But we will see. If people are going to throw rocks at whatever they want to throw rocks at, all you can do is hope they won’t hit you on the head!”

‘Top Gear’ continues on Sunday at 8pm on BBC Two.

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