17/08/2017 13:16 BST

Torrid's Body Positive, Gender Non-Specific Post Was Just Too Much For Some

'You know you that b***h when you cause all this conversation.'

Torrid’s latest campaign which features a male, plus-size model, received some backlash when shared on Instagram.

People commented that they wouldn’t shop from the fashion brand any more, because they had used a model who wasn’t representative of their largely female audience.

But model Troy Solomon has shut down the criticism from people who weren’t quite ready for ohl’a dis fierceness displayed in the campaign.

Solomon pointed out the potential for hypocrisy in the body positivity movement.

“People can’t just be positive towards the bodies that look like theirs or the ones they admire on social media,” he said to Mic.

 Solomon’s comments were retweeted in support: 

Solomon who says he tends to “blur the line between gender roles and how they are reflected in fashion,” added that the body positivity movement should be about “accepting and loving everyone of all shapes and sizes, regardless of how they choose to present themselves; it has to be all or nothing.”

We couldn’t agree more, and neither could some loyal fans:


The sassy “bear” had the best response to trolls via his own Instagram account:

Quoting the queen of strength x beauty, Beyonce, Solomon wrote:

You know you that b*tch when you cause all this conversation. Beyoncé

Shine on, queens.