31/08/2017 17:01 BST

'Tory Momentum' Activate Reports Twitter Hack To Police

People were less than sympathetic.

The Twitter account for Activate - a right-wing campaign group dubbed the ‘Tory Momentum’ - has been hacked.  

According to a post by @ActivateBritain on Thursday, the incident was reported to police. 

Activate, which is described as an independent organisation that “seeks to actively engage young people in right of centre politics” has been compared to Labour’s Momentum, an independent campaign which helped Jeremy Corbyn secure victory.

Its aim is to engage more young people and its first post was a Star Wars meme mocking Corbyn, which has since been deleted. 

People were less than sympathetic about the incident. 

One also claimed that during the hack, a second Star Wars-themed tweet with a wrong spelling was posted, saying ‘felling’ instead of ’feeling. 

Activate has come about after senior Tories said the party needs to do more to reach out to younger voters following Corbyn’s unexpected success at the general election. 

Mid-Norfolk MP George Freeman has even raised £25,000 for a ‘Tory Glastonbury’ to help drum up new support for right-of-centre politics.

All those who sign up to Activate are expected to be members of the Conservative Party. 

The group’s aims include “promoting a global economic outlook” and “making a success of Brexit”, both lines used in speeches by Prime Minister Theresa May.

Membership is £5 for under-24s and between £10 and £500 for over-25s.