Transfer Deadline Day's 10 Funniest Ever Moments

Sex toys, blow up dolls and whole lot of Harry's Range Rover.

Transfer deadline day is upon us, and once again football teams across the globe are scrambling to fill any gaps in their roster before the window shuts.

It’s one of the most exciting days of the footie season, as teams become locked in until the next opening in January.

All the hype, rushing around, and live TV always guarantees some hilarious moments - so here’s our round-up of transfer deadline day’s best bits, bloopers and blunders.

10. That time Harry Redknapp finally got sick of leaning out his car window and prompted an ‘Alan Partridge’ moment

9. When these kids got a good telling off

8. Just everything about Jim White

7. Funny Tottenham man

6. That time this Italian TV reporter lost it on a bloke with a blow-up banana

5. When this comedian pretended he’d signed for QPR on live TV

4. When the language was a bit too much for Sky Sports

3. And a blow-up doll turned up

2. And this little purple fella

1. And, of course, when these Norwich City fans got a bit too excited

Think we’ve missed any top transfer deadline day moments? Be sure to leave us a comment.

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