News Bloopers

There’s nothing quite like live TV.  The past year brought some of the most memorable news bloopers in recent history, including
BBC Reporting Scotland’s Monday morning broadcast gave viewers a fright this week when a giant wasp appeared to be buzzing
Sex toys, blow up dolls and whole lot of Harry's Range Rover.
2. And this little purple fella 7. Funny Tottenham man 4. When the language was a bit too much for Sky Sports Read more on
Deadly flood waters are currently plaguing the southern parts of the USA, but it’s not keeping this little boy down. The
Live sport + excited fans = lots of on-air naughtiness.
The Olympics are upon us, and the sheer amount of media coverage from around the world means there’s a lot of things that
You know how it is when you're doing really well on Angry Birds...