02/02/2017 14:37 GMT

Transgender Teen Sues Hereford Cathedral School For Discrimination After They 'Told Him It Was Just A Phase'

He claims they would not allow him to wear the boy's school uniform.

A transgender teenager is suing his former school for discrimination, claiming they refused to allow him to wear a boy’s uniform. 

The 16-year-old said Hereford Cathedral School told him it was just a “phase” that he would grow out of when he informed them he no longer wanted to be addressed as a girl or wear girl’s clothes. 

The boy - who wants to remain anonymous - claims the West Midland school told him he was just “attention seeking”.  

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A transgender teenager is taking legal action against Hereford Cathedral School for discrimination 

He and his family say he was effectively excluded by the school’s position and are now taking legal action against it. 

Transgender people are protected from discrimination by the 2010 Equalities Act, which requires organisations to treat trans people according to their acquired gender - the gender they have chosen to live as - except in “very restricted circumstances”. 

The teen’s mother told the BBC that the school’s treatment of her son was “appalling”. 

“They made my child out to be a freak and someone who would contaminate other students,” she said.

She has now removed the boy from the school, saying it is “inadequately prepared” for the high level of support he needs. 

But the school has said the boy was removed before a final meeting about his needs had taken place.  

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The boy's mother says her son was effectively excluded by the way the school allegedly treated him 

In a statement Hereford Cathedral School said: “The continued happiness, wellbeing and safety of our pupils is the top priority.

“The family’s grievances against the school are the subject of current legal proceedings.

“For that reason the school is unable to discuss any details relating to this matter at the present time, other than to state that it will defend its position in the proceedings.”

The news comes just months after a transgender teenager Lily Madigan was forced to hire a solicitor after her school allegedly threatened to suspend her for wearing girl’s clothes. 

“Wearing male clothes makes me feel really invalidated and puts me in a low mood for the whole day,” Lily said at the time. 

Her school, St Simon Stock Catholic School in Kent, eventually backed down and agreed to treat the 18-year-old as a female student, allowing her to use female changing rooms and toilets.